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A private, professional development & networking community for people who want to leave their mark.


Navigating your career can be daunting, and mentors can be hard to find. And if we're honest, it's easy to feel lost. That's where the LEAVE YOUR MARK Community comes in. Founded by Aliza Licht, the LEAVE YOUR MARK Community is a members-only community guided by Aliza and created to connect, develop, inspire, and mentor people who want to build their personal brands and leave their mark. 

Membership to the LEAVE YOUR MARK Community is application-only for people who have been in the workforce for up to 15 years. The LEAVE YOUR MARK Community is hosted on its own platform and app.


Aliza Licht is a global mentor. As a brand marketing executive, author of the best-selling book, LEAVE YOUR MARK, and host of the podcast, Aliza knows what it takes to succeed. In this vetted community, she pays forward all that she has learned on how to build your personal brand and be a professional in today's working world. Aliza has been recognized by the New York Times as one of "America's Next Top Mentors" and was also listed as Business Insider's Top 20 Most Innovative Career Coaches.


  • Networking with diverse yet like-minded, motivated peers from around the world

  • Direct and regular mentorship from Aliza and peer-to-peer coaching

  • Insider professional tips and advice from Aliza and noteworthy guest speakers

  • Virtual fireside chats and workshops: All events are held in North American East Coast time zones.

  • Career advancement opportunities


U.S Residents: $120 annually ($10/month) or $84 (students) 

International Residents: $125 annually ($10.41/month) or $87.50 (students)

*We also have 10 scholarships for those who need financial assistance.


  • Completed Linkedin profile

  • Completed LEAVE YOUR MARK application

  • Experience of up to 15 years in the workforce

  • All professional backgrounds welcome


Apply via the application link or "request to join" button. If accepted, you will receive a join link with request for payment.

Member Feedback From Our Community

"LEAVE YOUR MARK is an incredible opportunity to connect with likeminded, ambitious individuals under Aliza's leadership. Aliza shares so much wisdom from her incredible, aspirational career that I will take with me through my personal career journey and introduces us to so many successful individuals in her network. I'm so grateful for the experience!"


"The Leave Your Mark Community offers a unique opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded young professionals in a supportive environment guided by Aliza. The connections and resources you have access to will give you the confidence to build an authentic personal brand and a career you love."


"The Leave Your Mark (LYM) Community has provided me with countless relevant and timely resources that have supported my professional development journey, and reignited my passion for networking and connecting. My greatest takeaways have been the opportunities this Community has afforded me - the chance to speak on a member led panel, and the virtual tea chats that turned into resume editing and salary negotiating strategy sessions. The LYM Community has been a bright spot during this pandemic, and has empowered me in more ways than one."


"The LEAVE YOUR MARK community has been a great space to grow my network, get career advice, practice new skills, and share knowledge. Without the community, I never would have met some of my most trusted career advisers!"


"The LEAVE YOUR MARK community is an immersive experience with a mix of networking, mentor-led conversations, and personal involvement. The “you get what you put into it” mentality is a huge part of the LYM ideals, you are your own advocate, and the only person who can propel you is yourself. I now have a new voice that can’t wait to be heard and an incredible arsenal of tools to use." 


"The anniversary of me finishing the Leave Your Mark e-book is fast approaching. The moment I finished I was in awe of Aliza Licht because I could feel her genuineness through the pages. So I decided to look her up on LinkedIn and saw that Aliza was hosting a Leave Your Mark Community. I was scared at first but I applied anyway. It's the best chance I took for myself in 2020 because the events that would unfold later on in the year surprised even me. Take a chance on yourself this year." 


"Being a part of LEAVE YOUR MARK has felt like a full-circle experience for me. Aliza's book was the first book I lapped up as an adult! It was pouring advice and anecdotes that I can never forget and the community follows the same impact pattern! I am grateful for the wonderful Fireside Chats that helps us members connect with the choicest industry experts. It is an incredible experience."


"The LEAVE YOUR MARK brand has been an integral part of my academic and early professional journey, and the opportunity to participate in this community only increased my appreciation for Aliza and the team. It is a pleasure to meet other members and learn from guest mentors, and I would encourage anyone looking to grow their network to join! 


“I'm thankful that I was accepted to LEAVE YOUR MARK and for the knowledge and network that I gained from the community. The community provides me with a realistic set of recommendations, tips, and honest conversations within the membership. From the people I’ve met to the professionals I learned from, the LEAVE YOUR MARK Community outperforms any college academic advising center I’ve come across.


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